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Our wish is for everyone to have the opportunity to do their best every day!Through more surplus energy, less muscle afflictions, increased productivity, coping and performance. Sleep and rest, mindfulness training, stress management, self-management, motivation for physical and mental exercise are good tools to achieve this.

We hold courses and lectures for companies in all industries and tailor solutions to meet your company’s needs and strategy. These may be individual courses/lectures or module-based courses over a longer period.

Our employees and external professionals are highly qualified and bring passion and enthusiasm.


Mindfulness is an effective method of stress management.
Gain insight into what mindfulness is and how you can actively use mindfulness in your everyday life for increased presence and reduced stress.  

In 2003, Richard Davidson and his colleagues published a study demonstrating that mindfulness training had a positive effect on the immune system. This marked a turning point in research and led to an explosion of studies that examined the positive effects of mindfulness in a population where stress has become one of the West’s greatest health challenges.
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Performance and coping

Increased self-management enables performance and coping.
The effect of an increased degree of self-management is the ability to prioritise and achieve what one wants - the opposite of going on autopilot in amore or less unconscious everyday life.

Good self-management and coping mean increased inner motivation
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Physical activity

Motivation is essential for physical activity over time and important for coping and happiness. Lecturer and former national football team captain Bent Skammelsrud can help you with motivational talks.  

Do you need a motivational top-up?
How to break barriers?
How to deal with adversity and disappointment?
How to enjoy the moment?
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