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With Bwell PowerNAP we want to contribute to a working day where managers and employees are less tired. Where they cope with stress and natural pressures. An everyday life where they can be more present and have surplus energy, and are less prone to sickness and absence.  

We know from experience and from research that employees are more productive and feel better when they make good, healthy choices every day. Bwell has therefore developed health-promoting tools based on research and professional documentation in collaboration with experts.

More often than not, stress and fatigue are not due to excessive physical and mental strain, but failing to take the time to recover. Recharging the body and setting aside time for recovery is important for the individual, as well as fora health-promoting and productive work environment.

Bwell Massage Chair

Bwell PowerNAP combines physical relaxation in our specially developed massage chair with mental exercise. The goal is optimal rest for faster recovery and stress reduction.

The massage chair was developed by Bwells professional team and partners.

Soundtrack for mental exercise

The soundtracks for mental exercises consist of practices for
stress management, attention/mindfulness training,  
visualisation and relaxation, as well as help to take a power nap.

Recovery and rest

A small break can be all it takes for us to perform optimally throughout the working day.

Today's demands are high; make sure you meet them - as well as your own goals - with surplus energy and relaxed shoulders.

First and foremost, power naps and breaks are a phenomena to increase productivity. 

Research also shows that they help to stabilize mood, improve sleep quality and strengthen the immune system. Just 15 minutes help fight the biggest problem of all - stress!


Batteries have to be recharged during an exercise or work day. “A manager who wants to bring out the best in his staff must make sure that they are able to perform,” says Dr. Lars Engebretsen.

The massage programs in Bwell PowerNAP meet the medical requirements for massage and the audio programs are professionally created. “What determined our choice of massage chairs was the professional competence behind the preparation of the recovery tool,” says chief physiotherapist Bjørn Fossan.
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“15 minutes in the chair restores my energy and means I work better afterwards”

Eigil Johansen, Økonomi og Regnskapspartner

Bwell PowerNAP

We develop a training plan together with your company to ensure that the investment is profitable both for the company and for its employees.






Size: Length 185cm, width: 87cm, height: 77.5cm

Language: Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, English

19 soundtrakcs for mental training, with music and sounds from nature.


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Try Bwell PowerNAP

We want to contribute to a working day where employees and managers areless tired, where employees cope with stress and natural pressure. Everydaylife with surplus energy, less absence and illness.  

Bwell Norway has developed a health-promoting tool based on research andprofessional documentation, in collaboration with experts in the field. ​Bwell PowerNAP combines physical relaxation in our specially developed massage chairwith mental exercise.

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