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Who is Bwell?

Bwell Norge AS contributes to health-promoting workplaces and top performance.

We have extensive experience with HSE measures in both the public and private sectors. We want to share this knowledge so that more companies and organisations have health-promoting workplaces and long-term healthy employees. To achieve this we believe that specific solutions are necessary, where sleep and rest, physical activity and mental exercise are key factors in keeping employees healthy and having a productive work environment.

Health-promoting work entails measures aimed at improving quality of life, well-being and the ability to cope with the challenges, stresses and strains to which you are exposed, as well as to reduce the likelihood of developing risk factors for illness.
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Bwell PowerNAP combines massage with soundtracks for mental exercise and music, for quicker recovery and stress reduction. The massage programs are specially developed by our professional team.

The audio tracks consist of mental training with exercises for mindfulness, visualisation, relaxation, as well as for taking a power nap.

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Office Treadmill

Does your back stiffen in your office chair?
Do you get restless from sitting still?

The Office Treadmill lets you walk while you work. Free yourself from a sitting position and get fit in the office while working just as efficiently as before!While you walk on the Office Treadmill you can write, call and use your PC justas well as when you sit. The change from sitting all day at the office to walking for part of the day provides a number of positive physical and mental health effects.
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We hold courses and lectures for companies in all industries and tailor solutions to meet your company’s needs and strategy.These may be individual courses and lectures or module-based courses over a longer period.

Our employees and external professionals are highly qualified and bring passion and enthusiasm.
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